Symptoms of Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) and How to Deal With It

The current irruption of the new 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 n-CoV) has taken hold of many major countries across the globe. China, its origin country, Asian nation, Italy, and Asian nation are a number of the heavily wedged regions

The panic unfolds in the Asian nation with the case of fifteen Italian tourists, and their Indian driver, obtaining infected. you’ll be able to notice this range of according cases on the Government of Asian nation web site. to stay the unfold under control, the govt. is taking preventive measures like universal screening of travelers on airports. many labs are expected to open for testing and research on the n-CoV.

Amidst all this, many care specialists are emotional updates to stay the general public upon and prepared. info on coronavirus is floating everyplace, and it’s for the individuals to browse and take precautional measures to stop themselves from obtaining the virus.

In this diary, we have a tendency to take a deep dive into everything you would like to grasp regarding COVID-19, right from its symptoms, to however it gets transmitted, and what are some strict do’s and don’ts for hindrance.

Are You Infected With Coronavirus?

2019 n-CoV is from the large family of coronaviruses that cause ill health starting from the cold to additional severe diseases like geographical region metabolism Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute metabolism Syndrome (SARS-CoV). and therefore the worst issue regarding this new virus is that it’s no conspicuous symptoms.

Mild health problems—such as coughing, sneezing, fever, and issue in a respiratory square measure a number of the symptoms of the infection. However, in bound cases, there can be no symptoms in the slightest degree. The infected is also a carrier of the virus, while not being infected themselves, infecting many others within the method. instead, the infected could develop severe cases like respiratory illness, severe acute metabolism syndrome, renal failure, even resulting in death.

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So if you’re addressing cough and cold during this weather, the sole thanks to apprehending whether or not you’re coronavirus infected or not is to refer to a tending skilled. So far, there’s no commonplace, direct take a look at for 2019 n-Cov. But, the virus is often detected by running a series of tests.

How Does the COVID-19 Get Transmitted?

The researchers are yet to uncover the exact dynamics of the transmission of the virus. However, here are a few channels through which it happens

  • Through droplets created after coughing or sneezing of an infected person
  • Consumption of virus-containing animal products
  • Contact with an infected animal
  • Through public places, especially during public transportations, meetings, gatherings, etc.

Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Yourself From 2019 n-CoV

Here are a few tips for you to protect yourself from the epidemic:

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Maintain hygiene

Wash your hand totally with soap and water. Scrub fastidiously between the fingers and around the nails. Use hand wash, sanitizer, and alcohol sterilizers to wash your hands, and don’t bit your nose or mouth otherwise.

Keep a secure distance from sick folks

Avoid direct physical contact with sick folks, particularly from those that have respiratory disorders, colds, coughs,s or metabolism issues.

Cover your mouth

Keep your mouth coated with masks, cloth, or tissue papers once you area unit around somebody World Health Organization is coughing or reflex. Also, if you’re sick, use medical masks. To sterilize the mask or textile, warm it up.

Heat up your food totally

The virus is often transmitted by intensely infected animal merchandise. The virus cannot survive at high temperatures. Thus, you must heat up your food properly before intense it.

Seek treatment

Always have early treatment from the aid professions even in cases of traditional, gentle symptoms like coughing, sneezing, fever, or having problem respiration. Self preventive care is useful in these cases.

A list of stuff you ought to avoid:

Touching your face

The virus enters our body through the nose and mouth. Your hands are often infected if you’ve got touched AN infected place, particularly public places. Thus, avoid touching your face before laundry them properly.

Direct contact with animals

Avoid inessential, direct contact with animals. The virus is often transmitted from animals to humans. So, if you’ve got pets, you wish to require care of hygiene properly.

Don’t travel once you area unit sick

Make sure you’re healthy before traveling. If you’re not, get treatment, like a shot. Avoid progressing to public places, buses, and sharing taxis if you’ve got a fever, coughing, sneezing.

Don’t take medicines while not prescription

Eating traditional antibiotics doesn’t facilitate in 2019 n-CoV infection. you must solely take the medicines prescribed by an aid skilled if you’re feeling unwell.

As always, interference is healthier than cure. And keeping in mind the on top of tips will do the trick, protecting you and your shut ones from the coronavirus infection. keep healthy, and take care!


Symptoms of COVID-19

The main symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Trouble respiratory
  • Fatigue
  • Chills, generally with shaking
  • Body aches
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion/runny nose
  • Loss of smell or style
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

The virus will result in respiratory disorder, metastasis failure, heart issues, liver issues, septic shock, and death. several COVID-19 complications are also caused by a condition referred to as protein unharness syndrome or a protein storm. this can be once Associate in Nursing infection triggers your system to flood your blood with inflammatory proteins known as cytokines. they will kill tissue and injury your organs.

If you notice the subsequent severe symptoms in yourself or a dear, get medical facilitate right away:

Trouble respiratory or shortness of breath
Ongoing hurting or pressure
New confusion
Can’t awaken totally
Bluish lips or face
Strokes have conjointly been rumored in some of those who have COVID-19. bear in mind FAST:

Face. Is one aspect of the person’s face numb or drooping? Is their smile lopsided?
Arms. Is one arm weak or numb? If they fight to lift each arm, do your arms sag?
Speech. will they speak clearly? raise them to repeat a sentence.
Time. each minute counts once somebody shows signs of a stroke. decision 911 quickly.
If you’re infected, symptoms will show up in as few as a pair of days or as several as fourteen. It varies from person to person.

According to researchers in China, these were the foremost common symptoms among those who had COVID-19:

  • Fever 99%
  • Fatigue seventieth
  • Cough 59%
  • Lack of craving four-hundredth
  • Body aches thirty-fifth
  • Shortness of breath thirty-first
  • Mucus/phlegm twenty-seventh

Some of those who square measure hospitalized for COVID-19 have even had dangerous blood clots, together with in their legs, lungs, and arteries.
What to try to if you’re thinking that you have got it

If you reside in or have traveled to a locality wherever COVID-19 is spreading:

If you don’t feel well, stay home. even though you have got gentle symptoms sort of a headache and liquid nose, keep in till you’re higher. This lets doctors specialize in those who square measure additional seriously sick and protects health care staff and other people you would possibly meet on the means. you would possibly hear this known as self-quarantine. try and keep in an exceedingly separate space off from people in your home. Use a separate toilet if you’ll.
Call the doctor if you have got hassle respiratory. you would like to induce medical facilitation as before long as potential. line of work ahead (rather than showing up) can let the doctor direct you to the right place, which can not be your doctor’s workplace. If you don’t have an everyday doctor, decide on your native board of health. they will tell you wherever to travel for testing and treatment.
Follow your doctor’s recommendation and continue with the news on COVID-19. Between your doctor and health care authorities, you’ll get the care you would like and data on the way to stop the virus from spreading.
For additional info regarding COVID-19, see our listing.

How do I do know if it’s COVID-19, a cold, or the flu?

Symptoms of COVID-19 are often the same as a foul cold or respiratory disease. Your doctor can suspect COVID-19 if:

You have a fever and a cough.
You have been exposed to those who have it inside the last fourteen days.

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