iOS 14 first look: Apple tries to do more but still keep things simple

Broadly speaking, the last 2 years of iOS updates were centered on steady up stability and adding options to existing apps. necessary work, certainly. This time, though, Apple took a rather completely different tack: It created a number of the largest visual changes to iOS since its debut over a decade agone. And now, developers — or folks that pay $100/year for developer accounts — will take it for a spin.

I’ve been making an attempt out the iOS 14 developer beta for a couple of days currently, and as you’d expect, there are loads to take out here. If you’re brooding about taking the plunge, simply bear in mind the same old caveats apply. albeit this early beta has been astonishingly stable thus far, you mustn’t arrange on victimization it on your main device unless you do not mind coping with probably show-stopping bugs. 

In different words, unless you’re really doing a little app compatibility testing, most of you’re more contented watching for the general public beta unleash in July — or the complete launch later this year. meanwhile, we have a tendency to thought we’d take a better check out a number of iOS 14’s most notable style changes, and the way they replicate what seems like a giant priority for Apple during this update: Adding a lot of options whereas managing litter.

iOS 14 widgets

Rewriting the old rules

With solely a couple of exceptions, the iOS home screen’s style hasn’t modified abundant since the times of the first iPhone. Sure, we have a tendency to got folders in iOS four, and a flat design with iOS seven, however that signature app grid? Considering however long it went unchanged, it appeared virtually inviolate.

Not any longer, though! With iOS fourteen return new widgets that, like their automaton counterparts, will sit anyplace on the house screen. For those unaware, widgets are accessible in iOS for years currently, however they needed an additional swipe or 2 to access. That placement perpetually felt counter-intuitive to me; the entire purpose of widgets is to induce info at a look, and activate them on some secondary screen defeated that purpose. Now, they’re right wherever they’ll be the foremost useful.

Bear in mind, these aren’t the same, clear widgets found in earlier versions of iOS (though, they still exist currently.) These are accessible during a few sizes — the littlest occupies an equivalent house as a 2×2 sq. of apps, and therefore the largest is appreciate a 4×4 sq. 

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They can even be a bit a lot of information-dense than ones you’ve seen in earlier versions of iOS. Take the Apple Maps gismo. instead of supply an inventory of destinations or shortcuts to close hotspots just like the recent ones did, the restructure offers you a neighborhood map read and a handy search button. The Stocks gismo lists company names additionally to merely their tickers. 

So far, my favorite widgets square measure the best. I actually have a tiny low one tucked during a corner, telling American state however hot borough is correct currently. Next to it, a cluster of little icons holding the American state apprehend this iPhone and Apple Watch has nearly full charges. And at a lower place each of these, associate Activity gismo confirms that I’m obscurity close to closing my rings for the day. 

I suspect some folks can like the classic approach, with pages of meticulously ordered out apps and zip else. Don’t worry: you’ll be able to skip out on this gismo factor entirely. for everybody else, Apple’s amazingly elegant approach means that you’ll be able to jam gobs of additional data onto your home screen if you actually needed to.

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Entering the Library

Widgets succeed at creating iOS a lot of use at a look, however here’s the rub: Even the tiny ones take up sizable house on your home screen. that may unremarkably mean your apps would spill over into even a lot of pages, associate degreed United Nations agency desires to take care of that? That’s wherever iOS’s new App Library comes in: It’s primarily an overflow space that lives simply on the far side of your last home screen page for all your apps.

Maybe this can be my fondness for humanoid talking, however, iOS has required one thing like this for an extended time. Since Apple hasn’t dramatically modified the house screen in years although, is it any surprise that the App Library takes some obtaining used to?

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Thankfully, obtaining started is easy enough. simply scroll past your last home screen page, and you’ll end up within the middle of the Library, with all of your put in apps roughly sorted by their App Store classes. (I say “roughly” as a result of iOS ignores some existing App Store classes, and creates a number of its own.) For now, though, a number of the buckets into that iOS kinds apps do not build a lot of sense.

I wouldn’t commonly expect to check banking software system in an exceeding folder labeled “Productivity,” however that is wherever it all aroused. and therefore the “Lifestyle” folder is… kind of a catch-all? a number of my good home apps live there, at the side of Amazon, Uber, New Jersey Transit, and therefore the big apple Times change of state app. If you’ll spot the logical throughline that connects all of those things, please, let ME recognize as a result of I am stumped. Apple says there are no thanks to allowing you to customize the means the App Library kinds your apps, thus currently, we’ll simply need to get by. Thankfully, an enormous search bar makes it straightforward enough to analyze the app you were thinking of, as will an inventory read of all of your apps in alphabetical order.

At the terribly least, having one place for all of your apps suggests that you’re unengaged to straighten out — err, home screens. Long-pressing associate app’s icon currently brings up the choice of moving that software system to the Library rather than simply deleting it outright, which the same action works for your rigorously cultivated app folders, too. You should really think regarding whether or not that’s the proper move, though. Moving the contents of a folder to the App Library primarily simply suggests that the folder itself gets deleted since the apps were already listed within the Library anyway. If you ever decide you would like that folder back simply the means it absolutely was, you’re planning to need to produce it from scratch once more, that involves choosing every desired app within the Library and moving it back to the house screen 1st.

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The quickest — and least harmful — thanks to stopping working your home screen is by disabling entire pages at a time. Long-press the associate degree app icon hit the “edit home screen button,” and faucet the series of dots at rock bottom of the screen. That’ll remark your full list of home screen pages, and if you already apprehend you don’t very use a number of them, unticking a box hides the page entirely and displays all of its apps within the Library. This would possibly sound just like the nuclear possibility, however, it offers one immense advantage: Ticking the box once more revives the page because it was, with everything (including those folders) within the right place. And once you’ve got your apps arranged out simply the means you prefer them, you’ll be able to preserve that order by telling iOS to show new apps exclusively within the Library.

I imagine individuals can take wildly completely different approaches with iOS 14’s additional versatile style. Some, UN agencies either a) don’t care or b) like the recent means of doing things, don’t need to amendment their behavior in the slightest degree. Others will definitely run within the wrong way, excising their home screens of app icons entirely and going whole-hog on widgets since the Library ably stores all the computer code they have. I haven’t very puzzled out wherever I sit on that spectrum however, however, if there was ever a time to experiment, it’s now.

Clearing the clutter

The manner widgets and also the App Library add bicycle-built-for-two could be a nice example of what appears like an enormous underlying theme for iOS 14: providing you with simply what you wish, after you would like it. They aren’t the sole ones, though. contemplate the manner this update handles phone calls and Siri. each wont to take over the complete screen, interrupting no matter what you were doing. Now, they have been truly relegated to little notifications that seem round the edges of your screen. They’re comfortable providing you with the right context while not actuation you far from the task at hand.

The same even applies to video, of all things. Once associate degree iPad-exclusive feature, iOS fourteen brings picture-in-picture to the iPhone, guaranteeing that you simply will watch Divorce Italian Style in HBO gamma-hydroxybutyrate whereas terminating some work emails. several major streaming services already play nice with the feature, however since we’re a protracted manner removed from iOS 14’s official unleash, there square measure still a couple of notable holdouts. (Here’s viewing you, VRV, and YouTube.) 

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If there’s one feature that actually speaks to the “just enough” philosophy Apple looks to be an embrace, it’s App Clips. they’ll rather be the foremost mysterious part of iOS fourteen immediately since there aren’t any to look at or draw insight from. (That is unless you count a number of the demo code Apple has created out there to developers.) 

This area unit super-small (think: 10MB) snippets of existing apps that replicate a number of their most notable options once immediacy is that the priority. Let’s say you wandered into a Jersey Mike’s for lunch. instead of wait in an exceedingly socially distanced line and see different humans, you may on paper scan associate QR code or faucet associate NFC tag to load associate App Clip and order from there. Or, if you went on a road trip, you may use associate App Clip for a wise timer to prime up before you wander. 

Not all App Clips area unit tied to specific, physical locations, either; you’ll eventually notice them in Apple Maps listings, iMessage threads, and links in webpages. If things go Apple’s method, they’ll be everywhere. 

By design, they’re designed to convey you only enough app to complete a task and acquire on along with your day. That terribly fast, nearly transactional approach sounds refreshing compared to what we have a tendency to — or a minimum of I — are doing this whole time. If I would like the associate app, even for a happening interaction, I’ll transfer it, use it and let it linger on my phone indefinitely. You know, simply just in case. I’m certain I’m not the sole one, either. however, App Clips simply may remedy that behavior fully. And luckily, the method iOS handles this stuff may be a very little a lot clever than this outline may recommend. 

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After you employ them the primary time, those Clips can still live to tell the tale of your iOS device for “several days” just in case you wish them once more. (On iPhones, they keep in the associate degree App Clips folder within the App library, however, they are solely visible within the dock and app whipper on iPads.) at the moment, iOS deletes the Clip and everyone associated information, at that purpose you’ve got to install the factor or simply move along with your life.

But let’s return thereto timer example. Unless you’re out for a fast jaunt, there’s a good likelihood you’ll have to be compelled to “fill up” the meter once more. If the App Clip continues to be on your phone somewhere — and it ought to be, since it hasn’t been that long — it offers totally different mechanics and experiences than the last time you used it. during this case, that would mean you’d see associate degree choice to digitally refill that timer, instead of walking back and begin the method everywhere once more. 

In different words, App Clips aren’t simply static, disposable versions of apps — they’re probably valuable companions that developers can have to be compelled to begin taking seriously. And on the far side that, they simply would possibly force America to rethink the method we tend to presently horde apps. 


We’ve hardly damaged the surface of the iOS fourteen update, and we’ll return this software package once it becomes offered as a public beta next month. Even now, though, it looks clear that Apple had a difficult job to try to do here; it had to form iOS do additional, while not creating it feel too sophisticated or cumbersome. We’ll hold off on any reasonably definitive judgment till iOS fourteen gets its full unharness within the fall, however, if nothing else, Apple already looks to possess loads of the correct tools in situ.

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