How to make baby balm at home and benefits

How to make baby balm at home.

When I was pregnant with my first little one, I used to be given actually 11 bottles of child lotion by buddies and relations. The odor jogged my memory of my very own childhood and I liked that it was a lotion specifically formulated for a child. I figured the entire components have to be pure and protected because it was for infants in spite of everything… after which I really learn the components.


baby balm methods

Home remedy for cold & cough in babies.

If your BABY is under the age of 2 months you should never apply to HOMEMADE BABY BALM to their chest, nose, feet, or elsewhere.

The homemade balm has a very good effect on cough and cold. First I tried it on my baby and I got so much benefit from it that, so I decided to share this methodology together with your folks.

This paste is light can be used by babies and adults. Apply on CHEST, BACK, SOLE OF FEET &COVER THE FULL AREA.


1ST Method


For babies, small children, and adults

  1. ½ cup shea butter.
  2. ½ cup coconut oil.
  3. 2 tbsp beeswax.
  4. 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.
  5. 2 drops lavender essential oil.
  6. 2 drops fir needle essential oil.

and a small air-tight container for storage.


  1. In a mason jar or glass jug, add the beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil. Place jar or jug into a saucepan filled with 6cm of water. Melt the ingredients over medium heat.
  2. Once melted, remove from heat and add the essential oils (see regular blend for adults and the other blend for babies and young children). Stir to combine.
  3. Pour the mixture into your chosen jar or container. airtight container for storage  in a cool dry area out of sunlight

How to Use

Apply as needed onto the chest and back sole of feet and cover the area to help reduce and relieve congestion and coughing.

For children, babies with sensitive skin, perform a patch test first. For a baby, test a little amount on their leg or arm, wait approximately 1 day and if there is no reaction, continue use as normal.


Some essential oils are not considered safe for babies, so you can use GHEE.


2nd Method





This method is very easy and takes time to 5 minutes.

  1. Heat the pan in high heat, then put on sim and add GHEE, then add the camphor and dissolve it.
  2. The camphor dilutes quite easily in ghee, just make sure the temp. is low otherwise, ghee can catch fire.
  3. Put a lid on and let it cool down to normal temperature, store in the jar while it is in a liquid state.



  1. Relief cold and cough
  2. Relief Headache
  3. help with cold symptoms like a stuffy nose or sinus congestion.
  4. Shea butter is high in fatty acids and contains vitamins A and E, which offer even more skin nourishing.



In the case of babies and children with sensitive skin do not use the baby balm.

test a small amount on their leg or arm, wait approximately 24 hours and if there is no reaction, continue use as normal.


Baby balm benefits

1. Helps prevent diaper rash

Maintain this pup in your altering desk! Apply a skinny layer to the newborn’s bum for an all-natural, sweet-smelling, extremely efficient diaper cream.

2. Removes cradle cap

A cradle cap is a standard time period for seborrheic dermatitis that may develop on a child’s scalp, typically between 2-12 months. It presents as patches that might be pink and scaly or yellow and crusty. It’d sound scary, but it surely’s fairly widespread, and nothing to freak out about. Making use of pure oils will help take away the cradle cap’s dry patches by softening the dry pores and skin. Right here’s learn how to apply our Coconut Oil Balm:

  1. Therapeutic massage the scalp with our Coconut Oil Balm
    2. Let it sit for a 15 minutes
    3. Brush scalp gently with a tender bristle brush to loosen flakes
    4. Wash hair completely with our Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash, a nourishing head-to-toe wash that cleanses hair and pores, and skin with none harsh sulfates.

3. Prevents winter-chapped skin

Winter climate can take a toll on pores and skin…and so can a case of sniffles. Forestall & shield your child from chapped cheeks and tissue nostril by protecting our balm shut by. Apply a small dab to guard the pores and skin earlier than it will get chapped and/or to assuage the pink and irritating elements of their face.

4. Helps with eczema

Our founder is an “eczema-mama”—or was earlier than she created Bubbsi for her eczema-prone child! For ultra-dry pores and skin, we recommend layering on our Physique Cream first (to offer hydration to pores), adopted by the Coconut Oil Balm on high (to lock in moisture).

5. Cleanses skin & removes makeup

That’s proper: You need to use our balm as an excellent mild cleanser for yourself or your kiddos. Particularly for dry-skinned youngsters, it’s a good way to cleanse them whereas additionally moisturizing. The straightforward chemical precept of “like dissolves like” explains how this works: The oil within the cleanser attracts and softens oil-based impurities in your pores and skin and pulls it out of pores. To make use of, merely therapeutic massage onto pores and skin as you’d any cleaning soap after which wash off. It’ll go away pores and skin feeling clear and softer than ever.

6. Smoothes flyaways

Our balm can clean out frizzy hair—yours or your child’s! Rub a tiny drop between arms till it has fully melted, after which clean onto hair.

7. Softens cuticles and hands

Our founder makes use of the balm each night time on her son, who has been getting dry arms and hangnails within the winter. Therapeutic massage the balm onto cuticles earlier than bedtime to melt them whereas they sleep. It additionally works wonders for dishpan arms—or arms that might be overwashed as a result of frequent diaper adjustments.

8. Calms bug bites

We’ve obtained a number of experiences that our balm even retains bug bites calm as a result of its anti-inflammatory nature:

9. Prevents razor burn

As a result of our balm is of course antifungal and anti-inflammatory, it soothes the pores and skin post-shave. Some mamas have been sneaking a little bit of balm into their bathe routine.

10. Soothes heat rash

Infants and toddlers are extra vulnerable to warmth rash, as their sweat glands are usually not absolutely matured. Warmth rash occurs when sweat will get trapped beneath the pores and skin. The trapped sweat blocks sweat glands, and if pores can’t filter out the sweat, a rash develops. Use our Balm as a cleanser within the bathtub after which as a spot remedy on infected pores and skin.



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